School Program

Cancer affects all of us – in one way another. It may affect us directly as patients, or affect members of our families, social circles or communities. Our children are no exception. Prevention or risk reduction is one great way of trying to reduce the burden of cancer and other chronic diseases. Unfortunately, childhood obesity is now of great concern in the Caribbean and is compounding the chronic diseases that we see.

If we believe that our children are really our future, then they are where we have to start. With that in mind, SLCS embarked on a campaign to bring awareness of cancer and chronic diseases to our primary schoolers in September, coinciding with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Our goal was to provide them with the information to empower themselves and encourage them to make healthy choices. We started with a campaign to increase the amount of exercise that they did, and to reduce sugary sweet beverage and food consumption at school and at home. The most enthusiastic schools to join our campaign were Laborie Boys Primary School and Laborie Girls Primary School. We had a blast with them. We hope to continue this throughout the remainder of the school year. First, find the label on the drink/package and read it!

1 teaspoon of sugar = 4g sugar
Maximum intake = 6 teaspoons of sugar a day