ORITUS Carnival Band

Cancer remains the number two cause of death in Saint Lucia. Our figures have shown that approximately 250 persons are diagnosed with cancer every year. The most common cancers in Saint Lucia are breast, prostate, cervical, skin and colon. Despite knowing these facts, many of us will NOT change our lifestyle habits or do the necessary screening tests to prevent cancer or detect it at an early stage.

One of our goals at Saint Lucia Cancer Society is to find ways to make our people listen and take heed so that we can eliminate cancer in Saint Lucia. The usual ways of delivering the messages seem not to be working. So this year, we have taken a bold step toward achieving our goal of creating the awareness of cancer and start to talk openly about a topic that scares all of us.

ORITUS – our Inaugural T-shirt band – was conceptualized to make a statement in front of thousands of spectators, those on the road watching the parade as well as persons watching the parade on television. Saint Lucian Carnival has evolved into one of our biggest events, with one of the largest local audiences. So the real question is: WHY NOT use carnival as an ideal forum to educate and inform?

We have received the most overwhelming sponsorship and support from Corporate Saint Lucia. These business institutions have understood our vision, and have shared our excitement and enthusiasm for creating the much needed awareness.

Oritus comprises of 5 T-shirt sections, all with messages displayed on them. The sections are represented by the colours representing the five most common cancers in Saint Lucia:

Pink – breast cancer
Light blue – prostate cancer
Dark blue – colon cancer
Green – cervical cancer
Orange – skin cancer

Our participants / revelers will be patients, survivors, families and members of the general public who understand the cause, and support us. We welcome you to walk with us, jump with us, enjoy the music with us, enjoy the experience with us. Because we have you with us, we will provide you with an unforgettable experience. Our package for the day, Carnival Monday, includes delicious healthy eats, non-alcoholic drinks, music truck, security and one year’s free membership with the Cancer Society. Most importantly, proceeds from Oritus will go to a patient to assist with their treatment.